June 3, 2019

A Visit to the Dabokpa Technical Institute.

by Albert Opare in GTVP

A KFW mission and staff of GTVP with representatives from COTVET paid a familiarization visit to the Dabokpa Technical Institute on Wednesday, 20th March 2019 to gain first-hand information on the implementation of the Ghana TVET Voucher Project. KFW sends missions to Ghana periodically to monitor the progress of the implementation of the project.

The principal of Dabokpa Technical Institute Mrs. Mariama Mahama gave an update on the implementation of the Voucher Project. She indicated that they offered Competency Based Training in four (4) trade areas under the Voucher Project i.e. Software Development, Garment, Welding and Automobile.

According to Mrs. Mahama, the first batch of CBT trainers who totaled 180 have already completed their training and they were all master craft persons. She reiterated the point that they appreciated the Competency Based Training model under the project and that they had started incorporating it into their mainstream mode of teaching.

The specific benefits of the project to the institution according to her includes; providing needed resources for the school for both project leaners and regular students; the school has purchased 28 industrial sewing machines from the funds from the project for the school’s personal use; and finally, the school has also managed to purchase its own vehicle using its own funds supported with funds from the project for driving school lessons under the automobile department.

The principal conducted the team around the school to inspect facilities and witness training in action. The team interacted with the automobile students at their workshop and the Mission was interested in the number of females studying automobile because it is generally a male-dominated field.

The team also interacted with the welding students as well as the garment making students. The mission wanted to find out firsthand what the challenges of these students were as well as how attendance was taken electronically using the tablets.

A demonstration was done on how the attendance is taken and uploaded to the VMS software by a facilitator. The team finally interacted with the software development students and here again wanted to know the benefit of the project to the students as well as the challenges they were encountering.

The team then met with officials of COTVET and the Executive Director of COTVET Dr. Fred Kyei Asamoah on 21st March 2019, to discuss phase two of the project and other concerns they had before departing the country

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