Ghana TVET Voucher Project

What is GTVP ?

The Ghana TVET Voucher Project (GTVP) is a project under Ghanaian-German Financial Cooperation, co-financed by BMZ through KfW and the Government of Ghana. The project is implemented by the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET), supported by PLANCO, an international consulting firm.

The project is an initiative of the Government of Ghana aimed at improving access of Master Craft Persons, workers and their apprentices to obtain formal training in their respective trade areas leading to the award of National Proficiency Certificate.

The GTVP is governed by COTVET as the Project Executing Agency (PEA). All strategic decisions including funding policy and operational directives will be made by COTVET in line with the Separate Agreement, the approved Design Report, and the approved Financial Plan.

What does GTVP aim to achieve ?

  • To Improve the skills of 8,000 Master Craft Persons, their workers and apprentices in the informal sector and transition them to technical and vocational education and training institutions.
  • To Strengthen TVET stakeholders such as training institutes, trade associations and the regulatory body (COTVET).
  • To establish a consistent incentive system for vocational training providers taking into consideration the labour market relevance of such training.


The Council has trained 4500 apprentices and master craft persons (MCP). The COTVET Act 2006 and the L.I.2195 require participants who went through CBT programmes to be assessed and certified by Awarding Bodies.

The Awarding Bodies are considered as implementing partners and therefore has the following functions (as outlined in the GTVP Manual):

  • Assure quality in training delivery under GTVP;
  • Assess and certify full qualification;
  • Assess and certify competences.


Master Craftspersons (MCPs)

Apprentices of MCPs

Workers of MCPs

Trade Areas



Garment Making






Trained Apprentices


Target MCPs & Apprentices.

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