About MyTVET Campaign

MyTVET campaign is a COTVET initiative to debunk negative perceptions about technical and vocational training whiles generating more interest among the youth for TVET.

Guidance & Counseling Project

Guidance & Counseling Project

This is a COTVET initiative to assist students in Junior High School (JHS) to identify their interests and capabilities in the area of TVET and encourage them through various activities to achieve their potential. The project is planned to be piloted in 216 JHS in all 10 administrative regions of Ghana, over a one-year period.

Among others the project seeks to achieve the following:

  • Encourage girls to enter male-dominated trade areas and professions;
  • Guide students acquire knowledge, skills, and experience in TVET;
  • Inspire students to explore TVET by exposing them to TVET role models who are individuals of high standing in society, who have excelled in various TVET careers;
  • Make available much needed information on TVET to students;
  • Improve the perception of TVET among young people;
  • Improve Guidance and Counselling structures in schools;
  • Guide students to acquire knowledge, skills and experience in TVET;
  • Increase enrollment of students in TVET institutions;
  • Increase the capacity of Institution Managers in career Guidance and Counseling.

Benefits of supporting one of the My TVET Programs

  1. COTVET will provide you with videos, photo albums, progress reports, media reports and other coverage of the programmes, which may be used as entries for CSR and Sustainability awards.
  2. You will be contributing towards grooming young dynamic Ghanaians for the TVET sector.
  3. You will be positively influencing the quality of students who choose TVET and graduate from TVET institutions
  4. You will also be improving on the quality of personnel you and other industries will eventually employ.
  5. Your organization will be establishing itself as a responsible corporate citizen interested in the welfare and training of the youth.
  6. You will benefit from extensive media coverage that the MyTVET programs will attract.